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Post Posted: Mon Aug 07, 2006 5:06 pm 

I have been trying to get the Codec UL from the descriptor.

This is what I have been doing unsuccessfully:

if(Track && (Descriptor->IsA(FileDescriptor_UL)))
MDObjectPtr Codec_ul=Descriptor->Child("Codec");
ULPtr codec_ul_ptr=Codec_ul->GetUL();
//const UInt8 *this_ptr=Codec_ul->GetUL()->GetValue();

The MDObjectPtr never gets initialized. Help Please.



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Post Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2006 11:12 am 
I don't see why the MDObjectPtr Codec_ul is not getting initialized (but I would change its name as there is already a Codec_UL which is the UL of this property). Are you sure that this file descriptor has a codec property?

GetUL() will return the property UL (the same as the value of the global constant Codec_UL mentioned above) not the value of property as a UL.

I would use the following:
if(Track && (Descriptor->IsA(FileDescriptor_UL)))
    ULPtr CodecLabel;
    MDObjectPtr Codec = Descriptor->Child(Codec_UL);

        DataChunkPtr Data = Codec->PutData();
        if(Data->Size == 16) CodecLabel = new UL(Data->Data);

What happens here is that once the codec property is located its value is written into a buffer. This should be 16 bytes (but I always check as you never know what rubbish there may be in the file!). This can then be used to build a new UL.

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