Using MXFLib with Xcode
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Author:  Matt Beard [ Thu Feb 01, 2007 12:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Using MXFLib with Xcode

I have had a couple of requests for help using MXFLib with XCode.

I don't normally use Xcode, so the please feel free to chip in with corrections or improvements to the following:

* Build the library in a normal Terminal window as per a standard Unix build
* Start a new Xcode project, or open an existing project. I used File > New Project > Command Line Utility > C++ Tool
* Add the library to the project using Project > Add to Project... and select the libmxf.a file
* Add the header search path using Project > Edit Project Setting > Styles > Header Search Paths and enter the path of the main MXFLib directory
* Add #include "mxflib/mxflib.h" to the source to load the MXFLib header
* Optionally add using namespace mxflib; to the source

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