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Post Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2007 4:48 pm 

A while back I messed about trying to hack the MXFLib library to support the creation of avid-compliant DV-25 based OP-Atom files from .dv and .wav files.

Well, this now (more or less) works. The down-side is that I got a developer under contact for us to do the tweaks (along with a load of other stuff we were paying him to do). Alas, he's run off to get married now and generally enjoy life in Oz, so I've lost his support.

So, I now have a collection of changes I'm happy to offer to merge back in - but since I didn't make them, I am hesitant to go messing with the CVS code line directly. Plus, I'd very likely screw it all up.

I'm told that the changes are all held within #def blocks - but I know from when I was hacking at it that a few bodily changes were made to get this working.

What I can do is offer the fully-working zip containing source and a simple app that calls these library functions so working Avid MXF files are made.

I can also supply proper Avid MXF files - but I got on better looking at sample P2 files available on the web (they have less metadata clutter in them!).

I know that with the very open licences attached I don't have to resubmit this (and given the specific nature of the development of the work on top of the library, it may not be appropriate).

But I'm happy to offer it.

Hope this makes sense.




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Post Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 7:45 am 
It may be possible to merge these into the code at the next major update.

I would be happy to look at the code and comment on how easy or difficult this would be - however before doing so you would need to satisfy me that there would be no copyright problems. If all files are still indicated as being under the zlib license, perhaps with your organization appended to the list of names in the copyright message, and you could give me an assurance that this is intentional, this should be sufficient.

Oh, the litigious world in which we now live!

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