Mpeg-21 Digital Item to MXF File conversion
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Author:  MarcoBiagi [ Wed Sep 19, 2007 2:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Mpeg-21 Digital Item to MXF File conversion

Hello, i'm an italian student and i'm working on a project for my degree thesis. I should create an open source application that should convert a Mpeg-21 Digital Item to a MXF File, and vice versa.
The conversion from MXF into Digital Item(DI) does not seem to be very hard. But i think that the conversion from DI to MXF is very hard.
There is many problem and i'll try to write them here:
1-If the library dosen't recognize the essence type(so he don't return the essenceSubParser), the only answer is to associate to the track a GenericDataContainer(it is possible with MXFLib)?
2-If the metadata contained in the DI is not MPEG-7,but another metadata schema not compatible with DMS-1, how i can conserve such metadata?
thx in advance

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