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Post Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2007 7:11 pm 

And thanks for the website and MXF software.

I have a couple questions regarding MXF implementation (in hardware):

> Am I correct in assuming that an MPEG2 elementary stream (as opposed
to a packetized elementary stream) is sufficient for placing into an
MXF file?

> In looking through the header metadata documentation I notice frequent
references to GUID's, but I can't tell if GUID's are based on anything or
if they are just made up numbers (that need to match when references
are being made in the file, but otherwise are just random numbers).
Are there any rules for creating GUID's?

> Lastly, and most importantly, we are planning support for MPEG2 at the higher bit rates including:
422P@HL 50 and 100 Mbit (Long GOP)
422P@HL 100 and 160 Mbit (I Frame only)
I can't find documentation indicating that these formats are defined for
MXF, particularly I-Frame only at the higher bit rates.
Are they defined and if not, how does one go about requesting that they be defined?
(Meaning, for example, there is no number assigned in the S386M spec's D-10 essence container UL for the 422P@HL format at
the higher bit rates)

Thanks a lot, Tommy Schell


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