MetadataPtr Member List

This is the complete list of members for MetadataPtr, including all inherited members.

__Assign(IRefCount< T > *refcount)SmartPtr [inline, protected, virtual]
__m_refcountSmartPtr [protected]
Cast(U *)SmartPtr [inline]
GetPtr() constSmartPtr [inline]
GetRef() constSmartPtr [inline]
MetadataPtr()MetadataPtr [inline]
MetadataPtr(IRefCount< Metadata > *ptr)MetadataPtr [inline]
operator T *() constSmartPtr [inline]
operator!()SmartPtr [inline]
operator!=(const SmartPtr &sp)SmartPtr [inline]
operator->()SmartPtr [inline]
operator->() constSmartPtr [inline]
operator<(SmartPtr &Other)SmartPtr [inline]
operator=(const SmartPtr< T > &sp)SmartPtr [inline]
operator=(IRefCount< T > *ptr)SmartPtr [inline]
operator==(const SmartPtr &sp)SmartPtr [inline]
operator[](const char *ChildName)MetadataPtr [inline]
operator[](MDOTypePtr ChildType)MetadataPtr [inline]
operator[](const UL &ChildType)MetadataPtr [inline]
operator[](ULPtr &ChildType)MetadataPtr [inline]
SmartPtr()SmartPtr [inline]
SmartPtr(IRefCount< T > *ptr)SmartPtr [inline]
SmartPtr(const SmartPtr< T > &sp)SmartPtr [inline]
~SmartPtr()SmartPtr [inline, virtual]

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