types.h File Reference

The main MXF data types. More...

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <list>

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namespace  mxflib


class  Identifier
class  UL
 Universal Label class with optimized comparison and string formatting. More...
class  UUID
 Universally Unique Identifier class with string formatting. More...
class  UMID
class  Rational
 Structure for holding fractions. More...


typedef Int64 Length
 Lenth of an item in bytes.
typedef Int64 Position
 Position within an MXF file.
typedef UInt16 Tag
 2-byte tag for local sets
typedef std::pair< UInt32,
 Pair of UInt32 values.
typedef SmartPtr< UUID > UUIDPtr
 A smart pointer to a UUID object.
typedef Identifier< 16 > Identifier16
 16-byte identifier
typedef SmartPtr< ULULPtr
 A smart pointer to a UL object.
typedef std::list< ULPtr > ULList
 A list of smart pointers to UL objects.
typedef Identifier< 32 > Identifier32
typedef SmartPtr< UMID > UMIDPtr
 A smart pointer to a UMID object.


std::string Tag2String (Tag value)
 String version of a tag.
Int64 GreatestCommonDivisor (Int64 Numerator, Int64 Denominator)
 Determine the greatest common divisor of a 64-bit / 64-bit pair using the Euclidean algorithm.
Rational operator/ (const Rational Dividend, const Rational Divisor)
 Divide one rational by another.
Rational operator * (const Rational Multiplicand, const Rational Multiplier)
 Multiply one rational by another.
Position operator * (const Position Multiplicand, const Rational Multiplier)
 Multiply a position by a rational.

Detailed Description

The main MXF data types.

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