OutputContext Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

bool doSimple ()
bool inArrayOrBatch ()
void setInArrayOrBatch (bool yes)
string getArrayOrBatchIndexStr ()

Public Attributes

int arrayOrBatchIndex
map< string, string > * oidToNodeId
MDObjectPtr obj
MDObjectPtr prop
vector< pair< string, string > > * sourceRefs
string parentPackageUID

Member Function Documentation

bool doSimple (  )  [inline]

bool inArrayOrBatch (  )  [inline]

void setInArrayOrBatch ( bool  yes  )  [inline]

string getArrayOrBatchIndexStr (  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

int arrayOrBatchIndex

map<string, string>* oidToNodeId

MDObjectPtr obj

MDObjectPtr prop

DotObjectAttribute* oa

vector<pair<string, string> >* sourceRefs

string parentPackageUID

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