KLVReadHandler_Base Class Reference

Base class for KLVObject Reader handlers. More...

#include <klvobject.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~KLVReadHandler_Base ()
 Base destructor.
virtual size_t ReadData (DataChunk &Buffer, KLVObjectPtr Object, Position Start=0, size_t Size=static_cast< size_t >(-1))=0
 Read data from the source into the KLVObject.

Detailed Description

Base class for KLVObject Reader handlers.

Classes derived from this class must not include their own RefCount<> derivation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ~KLVReadHandler_Base (  )  [virtual]

Base destructor.

Member Function Documentation

virtual size_t ReadData ( DataChunk Buffer,
KLVObjectPtr  Object,
Position  Start = 0,
size_t  Size = static_cast< size_t >(-1) 
) [pure virtual]

Read data from the source into the KLVObject.

Buffer Reference to a buffer to receive the data
Object KLVObject which is requesting the data
Start Offset from the start of the KLV value to start reading
Size Number of bytes to read, if -1 all available bytes will be read (which could be billions!)
The count of bytes read (may be less than Size if less available)
A call to ReadData must replace the current contents of the KLVObject's DataChunk with the new data - no original data should be preserved

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