smartptr.h File Reference

Smart Pointer class. More...

#include <stdlib.h>

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namespace  mxflib


class  IRefCount
 An interface for reference counting. More...
class  RefCount
 Standard implementation of IRefCount. More...
class  SmartPtr
 Smart pointer with reference counting and auto object deletion. More...
class  SmartPtr::__RefCounter
 Default IRefCount implementation used by SmartPtr. More...
class  ParentPtr
 Parent pointer class - used to allow an object referenced by another object to make a returrn reference without forming a loop. More...


#define PTRDEBUG(x)
#define PTRCHECK(x)
#define SmartPtr_Cast(Ptr, Type)   ( Ptr.Cast((Type*)NULL) )
 Macro to give typecast functionality even in MSVC 6.


typedef std::pair< void *,
std::string > 
typedef std::list< PtrCheckListItemType > PtrCheckListType

Detailed Description

Smart Pointer class.

This file contains the SmartPtr class (and helpers) originally written by Sandu Turcan and submitted to

smartptr.h,v 1.7 2005/10/13 13:36:11 matt-beard Exp

Define Documentation

#define PTRCHECK (  ) 

#define PTRDEBUG (  ) 

#define SmartPtr_Cast ( Ptr,
Type   )     ( Ptr.Cast((Type*)NULL) )

Macro to give typecast functionality even in MSVC 6.

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