system.h File Reference

System specifics. More...

#include <time.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "config.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string>
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <assert.h>

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namespace  mxflib


struct  full_time
 < Structure for holding accurate time (to nearest 4ms) More...


#define uintptr_t   long
#define DIR_SEPARATOR   '/'
#define PATH_SEPARATOR   ':'
#define DEFAULT_DICT_PATH   "/usr/local/share/mxflib/"
#define IsCommandLineSwitchPrefix(x)   ( x == '-' )
 Allow command-line switches to be prefixed only with '-'.
#define UINT64_C(c)   c##ULL
#define INT64_C(c)   c##ULL
#define ASSERT   assert


typedef unsigned int UInt32
 Unsigned 32-bit integer.
typedef unsigned short int UInt16
 Unsigned 16-bit integer.
typedef unsigned char UInt8
 Unsigned 8-bit integer.
typedef int Int32
 Signed 32-bit integer.
typedef short int Int16
 Signed 16-bit integer.
typedef signed char Int8
 Signed 8-bit integer.
typedef long long Int64
 Signed 64-bit integer.
typedef unsigned long long UInt64
 Unsigned 64-bit integer.
typedef FILE * FileHandle
typedef UInt8 Uint8
typedef UInt16 Uint16
typedef UInt32 Uint32
typedef UInt64 Uint64


static bool IsLittleEndian ()
UInt16 Swap (UInt16 Val)
Int16 Swap (Int16 Val)
UInt32 Swap (UInt32 Val)
Int32 Swap (Int32 Val)
UInt64 Swap (UInt64 Val)
Int64 Swap (Int64 Val)
Int64 ato_Int64 (const char *str)
Int64 ato_UInt64 (const char *str)
std::string Int64toString (Int64 Val)
std::string UInt64toString (UInt64 Val)
std::string Int64toHexString (Int64 Val, int Digits=0)
void PauseForInput (void)
 Pause for user input (with prompt) e.g. for debugging purposes.
int FileSeek (FileHandle file, UInt64 offset)
int FileSeekEnd (FileHandle file)
size_t FileRead (FileHandle file, unsigned char *dest, size_t size)
size_t FileWrite (FileHandle file, const unsigned char *source, size_t size)
int FileGetc (FileHandle file)
FileHandle FileOpen (const char *filename)
FileHandle FileOpenRead (const char *filename)
FileHandle FileOpenNew (const char *filename)
bool FileValid (FileHandle file)
bool FileEof (FileHandle file)
UInt64 FileTell (FileHandle file)
void FileClose (FileHandle file)
bool FileExists (const char *filename)
full_time GetTime (void)
 Get the current UTC time including number of milliseconds / 4.
void MakeUUID (UInt8 *Buffer)
bool IsAbsolutePath (const char *Filename)
 Determine if the specified filename refers to an absolute path.
std::string OSName (void)
std::string Uint64toString (Uint64 Val)


static bool littleEndian = IsLittleEndian()

Detailed Description

System specifics.

Items that are required to be defined for each platform/compiler:

Define Documentation

#define ASSERT   assert

#define DEFAULT_DICT_PATH   "/usr/local/share/mxflib/"

#define DIR_SEPARATOR   '/'

#define INT64_C (  )     c##ULL

#define IsCommandLineSwitchPrefix (  )     ( x == '-' )

Allow command-line switches to be prefixed only with '-'.

#define PATH_SEPARATOR   ':'

#define UINT64_C (  )     c##ULL

#define uintptr_t   long

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