essence.h File Reference

Definition of classes that handle essence reading and writing. More...

#include <map>
#include <list>

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namespace  mxflib


class  EssenceSource
 Abstract super-class for objects that supply large quantities of essence data. More...
class  EssenceSink
 Abstract super-class for objects that receive large quantities of essence data. More...
struct  GCStreamData
 Structure to hold information about each stream in a GC. More...
class  GCWriter
 Class that manages writing of generic container essence. More...
struct  GCWriter::WriteBlock
 Structure for items to be written. More...
class  WrappingOption
class  EssenceStreamDescriptor
class  EssenceSubParserFactory
 Base class for any EssenceSubParserFactory classes. More...
class  EssenceSubParser
 Abstract base class for all essence parsers. More...
class  EssenceSubParser::ESP_EssenceSource
 Base class for essence parser EssenceSource objects. More...
class  EssenceSubParserSelfFactory
 A wrapper class that allows an EssenceSubParser to be its own factory. More...
class  ParserDescriptorList
 List of pairs of essence parser pointers with associated file descriptors. More...
class  EssenceParser
 Master-class for parsing essence via EssenceSubParser objects. More...
class  EssenceParser::WrappingConfig
 Configuration data for an essence parser with a specific wrapping option. More...
class  NewFileHandler
 Base class for handlers to receive notification of the next file about to be opened. More...
class  ListOfFiles
 List-of-files base class for handling a sequential set of files. More...
class  FileParser
 File parser - parse essence from a sequential set of files. More...
struct  FileParser::SubStreamInfo
 Information about a substream. More...
class  FileParser::SequentialEssenceSource
 Essence Source that manages a sequence of essence sources from a list of file patterns. More...
class  GCReadHandler_Base
 Base class for GCReader handlers. More...
class  GCReader
 Class that reads data from an MXF file. More...
class  BodyReader
 BodyReader class - reads from an MXF file (reads data is "pulled" from the file). More...
struct  GCElementKind
 Structure to hold information about each stream in a GC. More...
class  BodyStream
 Class holding data relating to a stream to be written by BodyWriter. More...
class  BodyWriterHandler
 Base class for partition candler callbacks. More...
class  BodyWriter
 Body writer class - manages multiplexing of essence. More...
class  BodyWriter::StreamInfo
 Class for holding info relating to a stream. More...


typedef SmartPtr< GCWriter > GCWriterPtr
typedef SmartPtr< GCReader > GCReaderPtr
typedef int GCStreamID
typedef SmartPtr< EssenceSource > EssenceSourcePtr
typedef ParentPtr< EssenceSource > EssenceSourceParent
typedef std::list< EssenceSourcePtr > EssenceSourceList
typedef SmartPtr< EssenceSink > EssenceSinkPtr
typedef ParentPtr< EssenceSink > EssenceSinkParent
typedef std::list< EssenceSinkPtr > EssenceSinkList
typedef SmartPtr< EssenceSubParser > EssenceSubParserPtr
typedef ParentPtr< EssenceSubParser > EssenceSubParserParent
typedef SmartPtr< WrappingOption > WrappingOptionPtr
typedef std::list< WrappingOptionPtr > WrappingOptionList
typedef SmartPtr< EssenceStreamDescriptor > EssenceStreamDescriptorPtr
 A smart pointer to a EssenceStreamDescriptor object.
typedef std::list< EssenceStreamDescriptorPtr > EssenceStreamDescriptorList
 A list of smart pointers to EssenceStreamDescriptor objects.
typedef SmartPtr< EssenceSubParserFactory > EssenceSubParserFactoryPtr
 Smart pointer to an EssenceSubParserFactory.
typedef EssenceSubParser EssenceSubParserBase
 Rename of EssenceSubParser for legacy compatibility.
typedef std::pair< EssenceSubParserPtr,
EssenceStreamDescriptorList > 
 Pair containing a pointer to an essence parser and its associated essence descriptors.
typedef std::list< EssenceSubParserPtr > EssenceParserList
 List of pointers to essence parsers.
typedef SmartPtr< ParserDescriptorList > ParserDescriptorListPtr
typedef EssenceParser::WrappingConfigPtr WrappingConfigPtr
 Smart pointer to a WrappingConfig object.
typedef EssenceParser::WrappingConfigList WrappingConfigList
 List of smart pointers to WrappingConfig objects.
typedef SmartPtr< NewFileHandler > NewFileHandlerPtr
 Smart pointer to a NewFileHandler.
typedef SmartPtr< FileParser > FileParserPtr
 Smart pointer to a FileParser.
typedef SmartPtr< GCReadHandler_Base > GCReadHandlerPtr
typedef SmartPtr< BodyReader > BodyReaderPtr
 Smart pointer to a BodyReader.
typedef SmartPtr< BodyStream > BodyStreamPtr
 Smart pointer to a BodyStream.
typedef std::list< BodyStreamPtr > BodyStreamList
 List of smart pointers to BodyStreams.
typedef SmartPtr< BodyWriter > BodyWriterPtr
typedef SmartPtr< BodyWriterHandler > BodyWriterHandlerPtr
 Smart pointer to a BodyWriterHandler.
typedef SmartPtr< BodyWriter > BodyWriterPtr
 Smart pointer to a BodyWriter.


void SetFastClipWrap (bool Flag)
 Enable or disable "FastClipWrap" mode.
bool GetFastClipWrap (void)
 Read the status of the "FastClipWrap" mode flag.
void RegisterGCElementKey (DataChunkPtr &Key)
 Register an essence key to be treated as a GC essence key.
GCElementKind GetGCElementKind (ULPtr TheUL)
 Get a GCElementKind structure from a key.
UInt32 GetGCTrackNumber (ULPtr TheUL)
 Get the track number of this essence key (if it is a GC Key).


bool AllowFastClipWrap
 Flag that allows faster clip wrapping using random access.
const UInt8 GCMulti_Data [16] = { 0x06, 0x0E, 0x2B, 0x34, 0x04, 0x01, 0x01, 0x03, 0x0d, 0x01, 0x03, 0x01, 0x02, 0x7F, 0x01, 0x00 }
 Default "Multiple Essence Types in the Generic Container" Label.

Detailed Description

Definition of classes that handle essence reading and writing.

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